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At - The Toronto Raptors are the Toronto's Basketball Team. If you are looking to see them play and want a deal on tickets. There are some great options. With the Raptors making some terrific moves in the off season to strengthen their squad. The additions of Jermaine O'neal and Hassan Adams. Trust me - even if you haven't heard of this guy your going to like him. He is fantastic.

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The Raptors have had a troubled start to the year. The loss in the off-season of Carlos Delfino, TJ Ford and Rasho Nesterovic has been felt. Their defense and loss of fastbreak points which was the only thing that TJ brought to the table, is tremendous when you consider their overall defense has not improved. Interim Coach Jay Triano has done little to warrant the removal of the Interim tag. The NBA's first Canadian born coach, has terrfic experience as an assistant in the NBA - but has only been a head coach of Canada's National team. One could argue that he doesn't have the necessary experience to get the job done. Sam Mitchell for all his faults was attempting to turn boys into men. He was challenging them to play like men. Some people may not like the fact that he didn't pull any punches when talking to the media. I respected that hes trying to send a message - 'Bring it or Go Home!' The group assembled is very soft and does not do the things necessary to make a long playoff run.


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