Much has been made about this. MLB has recently signed a longterm deal with StubHub, focusing on the advantages of the service, instead of the legalities of it. Buying tickets is not illegal - I will not get into the legalities of selling. Remember, with anything in high demand there are always going to be people looking to profit on the high demand product/service. In Ontario it is illegal to use a scalper on the street to buy tickets. Just like most resources, we use either peer to peer sites or US sites who are selling their own inventory. Here is an article on the legalities of scalping tickets in Canada. Please remember that we want you to have a great time at a reasonable price - buying online is the only way to make sure that happens, without breaking the law.

Should you use Scalpers?

This has become a dirty word - well lets be honest, it's always been a dirty word. Scalpers shouldn't be thought of badly. They are only filling a need that many have used. Personally, I have not enjoyed dealing with Scalpers - they tend to look to get as much money out of the person as possible and will step over their own mother to make a sale. I believe that dealing peer to peer online is a much more civilized solution. I can remember heading to a Jays game at the Skydome - I was told by a Scalper that the game was sold out, and that he was my only option. Being a young boy, I paid the premium only to see that there were plenty of seats available and the stadium was only 3 quarters filled.

Enjoy your night in the city. Heading out for a show can be a costly event. We all know how expensive tickets are, not to mention parking, restaurants, hotels, concessions, drinks, and the pizza after the concert. Here are some tips on saving a dollar on your big night into Toronto.

If you buy from someone on the street - it is still considered illegal if you purchase the tickets for more than face value. That is the big catch on all these sales. Selling in a public place a ticket above its actual cost is illegal and the seller can be ticketed. This enforcement is really done to help protect the purchaser of the tickets. When buying on the street there is little to know protection of the actual buyer.




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