Parking -

Most people from outside the city view street parking as dangerous or risky. This really isn't the case! Street parking is your easy way to save about 20 dollars. Plus, the lineup to the street is much smaller than getting out of that underground parking lot that is really an office building during the regular day. Try sticking to reputable lots as well, they have much better security and night time lighting. Don't be afraid to walk a ways - chances are the walk after the concert or game will make it easier to get going. Most people park right beside the venue and they have to sit and wait to leave the parking lot.

Toronto Restaurant -

Always make a reservation and do some online research. Fellas, I know we can eat pretty much anything as long as we put enough A1 Sauce on it; but the ladies really like a classy meal. King West has a great selection of Restaurants. Some personal favorites include, Big Daddy's Crab Shack, Alice Fazoolies, Kit Kat and if you're worried about spending to much - hit Gabby's or Casey's; great atmosphere and personality. If your going something up town and need some ideas for a restaurant before the show - Toronto dot com is a great resource. I would encourage that along with word of mouth. Ask your buddies what they enjoyed on there last trip into the big smoke. As someone who has worked in the hospitality industry, please remember that 15% is customary but not a given. The server still has to work for his tip. If you are going to be having dinner in the Toronto Region - Here is a site that offers Great Coupons and Discounts for Toronto Restaurants!

Toronto Concert Halls -

The ACC is a great place for a concert - the accoustics are terrific for a large venue. The best place for any concert is Massey Hall. Many an artist has stopped his performance in the middle to comment on the sound quality of the theatre. If you have the opportunity to see someone you like at Massey Hall, jump on it. Another great venue is the Molson Amphitheatre - this outdoor location is great for chilling and enjoying the outdoors. Not a huge fan of the grassy hill - but the accoustics are tremendous.

Something a little off the beaten track is the Rivoli - they tend to hold a lot of CD launches there. But it is full value to be sure. Another venue would be the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen West. If you're looking for a place to bring a large group - you have found it.

The Pheonix is a great venue - I remember seeing the Wallflowers there a few years ago. Great sound!

Lee's Palace is another great place with terrific atmosphere and cool vibe. Definitely not the most upscale arena but a great place to see a show. The place could do with a hosing down - totally disgusting and you will need a shower after you get home. University of Toronto has a terrific auditorium for concerts. They don't have a lot of concerts - I saw Hayden there years ago and they rocked.

On a recent trip to Montreal, I purchase 2 tickets to the Canadiens Game. There isn't a better place to see a Canadiens Game then the Bell Centre for some original six action. The point of this story was the issue that we nearly had in getting our tickets to the game. The Seller used ExpressPost, which was fine because the tickets arrived on time. The challenged presented itself, that if we hadn't gotten the tickets before we left; how would we get them? Fortunately we got the tickets and there wasn't an issue. But here is an example of why paying the extra bit of money for Delivery is not a bad idea.

Here are some great links for Ticket Brokers and other Ticket Sources.

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Tips for Groups to see a show.

Seeing a great show is not an easy event - with family and kids, our job and the cost of night out on the town. Here are a few ways that you can save on your next big night out in the big city.

1. Head out as a group - This usually makes things more fun and you won't have to pay a fortune for parking or a taxi. There is usually someone in the group who doesn't drink - they become your Designated Driver.

2. Buy tickets atleast a month before the show. Many people wait till the last minute and wonder why its so expensive. This is the biggest difference in paying a 20% premium and a 100%.

3. Pre-Drinking - Yes, I know that is what we did in high school - but it makes sense to have a few pops before you get to the concert. Remember, everything in moderation.

4. If you have a group of 8 or more - getting a limo can be a great way to save some serious dough.

5. If you have a large group - it will probably be a little harder to get seats together, but with a group you won't feel a need to be close to everyone.

12/20/07 - Well it's Christmas and everyone is looking for great ideas for gifts. A great one is to get them a ticket to a great show. I recently tried to find some seats for Michael Buble and was dissapointed. But all is not lost, there are so many great shows to see. The best thing is that they might just take you with them. Look into getting your special a gift card for tickets.

2/1/08 - Now that the holidays have come and gone. A concert can be a great way to have some fun with friends or just cut through the winter blaws with that special someone. Or for all you ladies out there. Tickets to a Leafs Game can be a great way to show your guy how you feel about him.



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